Inappropriate Happenings

Otherwise known as "That fat white one over there with the big boobs and nice eyes!"

No one on the corner have swagger like us #AfterSchoolShenanigans


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I was a pretty swaggeriffic baby just saying! πŸ’

You could say I was the white sheep of the family … Like the really white sheep #Throwback

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Everyone is worried about their future and school and crap and I’m just here like:

This is the part where you start praying to every holy entity that ever existed ever #AndYouAreGoingToDie

"Mummy SMILE!"


Beauty is what we want and finding it is what we need #FijianSunsets

Welcome to the cacti family little Billie Jean 🌡 #CrazyCactusLady

Welcome to the cacti family little Billie Jean 🌡 #CrazyCactusLady

The leaning tower of sushi plates #WhatIsLife

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Sushi dates with DADDY! #MyFamilyOverYours

He looks so embarrassed to be related to me … He shouldn’t be, IM GREAT!

Selfies with teachers pt. 2 he’s so mean!

Studying for economics like a boss #DuxOfYSSS

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arent parents supposed to not make you feel like shitΒ 

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