Inappropriate Happenings

Otherwise known as "That fat white one over there with the big boobs and nice eyes!"

I don’t always freak out at vodafone messages, but his message in particular has been sent to me 4 times today so I texted them my feeling #VodafoneIsInconsiderate

Who’s smart? I’m smart #BatteredBruisedAndALittleBitAshamed

The best people are the worst influences #HalfCaste

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See in not a total creep I posted this one 😊

I hope to see you soon in La La Land #MusicalMornings

There are very very very very few people I love as much as I love this weirdo. He’s a friend, sibling, therapist, teacher and (sometimes) parent all wrapped into one. I’m super glad there are people like Nae in a world full of basic hoes #MyFriendsOverYours

This lewa is legit next level sexy #MoSaySay

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He’s so mean he never selfie with me 😢

February come quick 😱😍😳😏 #FiftyShadesOfOHMYGOD #OvaryExplosion #What

Hoes will be hoes but SWAG! #What

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Happy Father’s Day Wayne! (Just cause you’re not here doesn’t mean I don’t love you!) Even though you’re annoying and I suck as a daughter I still love you! Okay I’m done 😘😍💞💘❤️

Me trying to fix my grades #ImGonnaFailHighSchool

The perks of having parents that live in lautoka #MangoMadness

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Ay mammi happy birthday! Honest to goodness slaaatttt I hope you have like the bestest most fantsticest most fabulous day everrrrr and I hope you have 600000000 more just like it. Isa you qase now … Like meeee! Me love you long time even though you a hoe and you spam my camera roll with you ugly (jokes beautiful) face! 💁👯💛💙💕💖💞💜💚❤️💗💋🎉🎊🎁👵👸